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First Aid as proven to be a life saver over and over again. Such acts of heroism should not go unnoticed as these serve as an encouragement to all who need that little push to learn first aid.

Do not let go of this opportunity to thank your life saver. We would be delighted if you share with us any experience with St John or any other individual(s) in everyday life, be them a colleague at work, a family member or a total stranger, who may have saved your life or helped someone dear to you.

By sending this story you are allowing St John Ambulance Malta to publish the details as indicated by your kind self and upon consultation with you. The information will be viewed by the general public and St John Ambulance is not responsible for any consequences as a result of this post.

It is understood that the story is given in good faith and any person listed in the story is aware that you are sharing this information with us.

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