Cadet Section

Boys and girls alike, which have a minimum age of 11 years can join the Cadet section. The main aim of the cadets is to prepare themselves sufficiently so that at the age of 16 years they may be promoted to the Adult Section after obtaining a First Aid Certificate. In fact they are considered to be the future St John Ambulance members and so, great care is taken during the formation of these youngsters.
The curriculum, includes:

  • Emergency Care
  • How can accidents be prevented in various parts in our home
  • Personal survival and life saving
  • Ambulance aid
  • Communication – including helping persons with impaired faculties
  • Basic Map reading and route planning and much more.

These are delivered through the Grand Prior’s Award Scheme. This scheme gives a chance to the cadets in order to learn new things and work as team for a common objective…that of self-fulfilment. The cadets get to learn these subjects through discussions, games and first-hand participation on a weekly basis. The meeting is chaired by skilled adult leaders. As cadets, they also occasionally attend certain duties as observers.

Enquiries on how to become a St John Ambulance cadet may be done by sending the name and surname of the child as well as the address and the parent’s or guardian’s telephone number on:

Mobile number: +356 79 752 752

A return call will be done to confirm the application and that is why the parent’s or guardian’s email address is needed.