Become a Volunteer

Attending a first aid course is a very good start in the right direction. Sound knowledge of the basic skills can lead the first aider in saving lives.

St. John Ambulance is an organisation run by voluntary members. Each member, apart from being a first aider, is trained on different topics which are over and above the first aid course given to the general public, taking into consideration any events and incidents which might occur while giving first aid service.

The recruitment unit was formed for the first time in Malta in 2004 and ever since, always found methods to introduce new members to the divisions. It should be noted that this recruitment section in Malta is unique in St. John Ambulance around the world since it is the only one to date. The aim of the section is to involve members of the public which feel the urge to form part of St John Ambulance, by giving them further training and information about the service given by members before they join officially as voluntary members themselves. During the recruitment, one is trained in different topics such as how to use an ambulance stretcher, a scoop stretcher, a spinal board, cervical collars, radio procedures, chain communication, different types of bandages and much more. This training takes up to eleven weeks to be completed. Then the recruits are assigned to the divisions at which point they become members officially. During such training, the recruits are taken on duties so that they can have first hand experiences on what situations can be encountered.

The requisites to become a member are that one must be more that 16 years of age, be of good conduct and the most important is that one is willing to give some of his free time to help others. One can apply to become a recruit by sending his name, surname, address and telephone number on:

Mobile number: +356 79 752 752