Barely 5 years had passed after the St. John Ambulance Association was founded in England. Its first extension outside English soil occurred in Malta in 1882, at the same time when the Ophthalmic Hospital was being founded
in Jerusalem….

Foundation of the St John Ambulance Association in UK

A centre for the St John Ambulance Association, which is the Teaching Branch, was established in Malta.

Formation of the St John Ambulance Brigade in the UK

5th April – Proposal for the “formation of a Unit of the St. John Ambulance, in accordance with instructions received from Headquarters in London” (quote from Minute book of the Association.

1st July – Scheme submitted to the Governor of Malta, General Sir Henry Fane Grant, who gave the approval.

18th September – Formation of the St John Ambulance Valletta Division in Malta

1st December – Colonel G Bowdier, Commissioner for Special Services, sanctioned the formation of the first unit of St. John Ambulance for the Malta District, namely the Valletta Ambulance division, with effect from September 18th of that year. A number of the original members belonged to the Armed Forces, Surgeons and
Ambulance members used to be attached for duty with the Royal Army Medical Corps
during the annual test Mobilization of the Garrison, and Nursing Members performed hours of duty in Military hospitals.

The Brigade in Malta gave its service during the visit of their Majesties Kin George V and Queen Mary in Malta following the coronation.

1911  22nd June
Members of the Brigade Overseas give service for the first time in a public duty in England, by a team composed of Corps Officer W.R. GATT, Surgeon A.V. Bernard and Ambulance Officer J.L. Muscat. It was the
Coronation day during which these members manned a post at New Scotland Yard. Each member was later awarded the Brigade Coronation Medal.

1911  13th July
Members of the Brigade Overseas allocated a First Aid post near the Main Gate of the castle during the occasion of the investiture of Prince Edward as Prince of Wales.
1912 The Malta District made official with Colonel R Porter R.A.M.C. in the rank of Acting Assistant Commissioner.
1913 The Brigade rendered excellent service during the festivities held in Malta during the International Eucharistic Congress.

On the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, the Malta Corps were able to supply the Naval and military Departments with  auxiliary medical and nursing help as required. In September 1914, a detachment was formed for service in France. It was composed of four surgeons, three divisional officers, six nursing sisters and thirty four other ranks. The offer was not accepted, as it was considered that their services would be more useful in Malta.

The call for supplementary staff for the services became very urgent when large numbers of sick and wounded began to arrive from Gallipoli. To meet this demand, intensive training of the Brigade personnel was carried out, lectures and demonstrations were held daily in many districts of Malta and Gozo. Over 40 Surgeons and 100 Ambulances members were attached to Naval and Military Hospitals.

Formation of the St. John Ambulance Brigade Cadets.

After Italy declared war, the Brigade was mobilized and doctors and ambulance members joined the staffs of various hospitals. Others performed duties in Victory Kitchens, Milk Centers and Government offices in the service
of the community.

1945  June 15th
Paola/Tarxien division formed after reorganisation gathering members from the local areas and Cottoner No.2 Division.

The Motor Ambulance Service came into being.

The start of beach patrols

Signing of a Concordat with the Sovereign and Military Order of Malta.

St. John Ambulance and Brigade merged into one Foundation.

Another part of the Ambulance section was set up, namely the Primary Care and Welfare Committee.

Birzebbugia Division established

St. John Ambulance included to give support in National Disaster Program.

2006  31st March
Malta and Surrey County – UK signed a Twinning Agreement.

2009  4-8 May
The Most Venerable Order of St. John held its Annual Grand Council in Malta. This was the first time in history that a Grand Council meeting will held in an Association and not in one of the eight St. John Priories.

The First Aid & Nursing Section of St. John Ambulance – Malta celebrated its 100th anniversary. A number of events were organized to commemorate this special occasion.

2016  10 October 2016
Twenty-eight St John volunteers and members of the public were honoured for their contribution to the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem (The Order of St John). The Chancellor of the Order Dr Patrick Burgess OBE, GCStJ, DL. presided over the ceremony held at St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral with the participation of his Excellency the Archbishop of Malta Monsignor Charles J Scicluna, the St John Council (Malta) chaired by Dr Michael Frendo K.O.M, LL.M (Exon.), LL.D. (Melit.) and other distinguished guests. The grades Invested included those of Commanders, Officers and Serving Brothers (Members).

Together with the St John Ambulance Association’s Training Branch and the St John Ambulance (First Aid & Nursing), the St John Rescue Corps forms part of the St John Association of Malta and operates under the auspices of the Order of St John, of which Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is Sovereign Head.