You can save a life!

St John Ambulance is composed of members who, as voluntary workers, devote their spare time to provide First Aid and Patient Care for the injured and sick. Members by joining the organization bind themselves to work together in the spirit of chivalry and in the interests of the Most Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem.

The Objectives of St John Ambulance

  1. To train and maintain a body of men and women thoroughly efficient in First Aid and Auxiliary Patient Care.
  2. To afford opportunities for holders of approved First Aid Certificates to meet together for training and practice, with the assistance of the medical and nursing professions, with the object of combining individual efforts in the service of the public.
  3. To provide First Aid and Patient Care for the injured and sick.
  4. To provide ancillary services for the sick and injured in hospitals of all kinds and elsewhere.
  5. To provide reserves for the Medical Services of the country’s Armed Forces.
  6. To provide a trained organization that will be immediately available in time of emergency.

Among the main tasks of the members, there is the primary and distinct duty of rendering First Aid, and therefore they are required to keep themselves efficient in this respect. In addition, all members of St John Ambulance must qualify in Patient Care in order to meet the ordinary need for nursing the sick wherever they are situated.